Monday, June 25, 2012

My Pictures from Girl's Weekend :)

Here are my pictures from Girl's weekend! It was a great time to be had by all :) 
I think my favorite thing was well.... everything! 

Loved relaxing by the pool :) 
Thai food so good we went back for more!
 Of course we went shopping!
 Amy is so great to share her talents with us and make us feel extra pretty!

Zumba!! Bootie Blaster :) 
 ready for a night out!
 we are so beautiful if I do say so myself!
 everyone is cute and coy and I look well.... just a little crazy :) 
 Zooza! aka the circus on crack! ;) 
Thanks for meeting up with us Rachel! it was great seeing you :) 
I will say I am getting old and had a much harder time recovering from the late nights... or early mornings that is! This is how I felt for a while after. :) sorry, love ya Karie! 

I am so blessed to have such wonderful women in my life! Thanks for your example and friendship. 
Also big thanks to my husband and his support in getting me to Girl's Weekend. 
Wouldn't be possible if it weren't for all our great husbands! Thanks guys!
Already counting down till next year!!!!!!! Hope anyone and everyone can come! 


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hello Girls its that time of year again. We have been planning girls weekend via facebook and email this year. It is coming to good ole Arizona this year. Where it all began. We are so excited to be having it again. It will be from thursday, June 7th-Sunday June 10th.  Amy is hooking us up with a sweet resort we'll be staying at. The only thing we have pre-planned is seeing Cirque De Soleil perform Kooza. We already have several of us committed to coming (Myself, Jenny, Amy, Rachel J., Karie, Katie, and Rachel M. just emailed too) and I am just opening it up again in case anyone would like to come and hadn't seen it on facebook yet. It is always such a fun experience every one of our girls trips I look forward to and cherish the memories made there. Love you amazing women.  

Friday, November 11, 2011

Caywood Halloween

Hello, is anyone there? I haven't checked the blog for a long, long time. It looks like Girl's weekend was a blast. I am hoping that this summer is the summer I get to come along. Things have changed for us. We didn't end up in Virginia. Jason got a last minute job offer for Pawleys Island, SC. We live by the beach and couldn't be happier. Jason has been out of residency for a few months now and it feels great. Our kids both love their schools. I hope things are going well for all of you.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


I can't believe its taken me this long to update the blog with all the yummy details of Girls weekend, but alas, this Summer TOTALLY kicked my butt, the school year has been INSANELY crazy so far and though things are going well, I'm behind on just about everything! Ahh!

Anyway, here's the poem I did for the shirt. It'll give you the gist :)

Girls Weekend 2011

A weekend away

For the girls to play!

3 days in the hot Summer SUN!

We shopped ‘til we dropped

We danced and we pranced

We talked – it was WAY too much FUN!

To the Temple we went

And our morning was spent

Doing just what we knew we should.

It can be hard to get there

But as we’re all aware

When you finally do it feels good!

It was just our luck

When Amy lost her truck

In the garage at Gateway Mall.

That place is cursed…

But it wasn’t worse

Than the last time – involving the wall!

Just dance 2 for the Wii

Got us up on our feet

Dancing around like a geek!

No bra did she wear

But you should be aware,

It WAS national breastfeeding week!

At Tucano’s Grill

We partook our fill

Of delicious salads and meat.

The Meat Boys were nice

As they served us each slice

To our eyes THEY were the real treat!

The movie was stupid

But Jenny saw cupid

When Josh Groban appeared on screen

Delights we did pop from the cupcake shop

And then on to our Favorite things.

The Summer is pretty

In Salt Lake City.

And the six of us took it by storm!

The laughing the eating

Things we can’t be repeating

You know, pretty much the norm.


Wednesday, August 3, 2011

how was girl's trip?!!

hi girls! i'm really wanting to hear how the girls trip went!!! PLEASE! details, pictures, etc!! hope it was a great time for all.
love, megan

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Update, please reply ASAP :)

Thank you everyone for your input the last few weeks, sorry I have been slow to respond. Also thanks Jenny and Jill for your great finds!
I contacted some owners and got some final prices.... but I just can't decide. I need help, here are the final 2. Check them out and let me know which you prefer.

#1 -4 bed4bath condo in Cottonwood heights. 5 queen beds 1 bunk bed. Only down side for me is location. It is according to mapquest 27 mintues to Salt Lake city.
No deposit. Definitely best value. Total price $466.26 with $60 cleaning fee and taxes. $94 per person if 5 of us come.

#2 -4 bed 2bath home in sugarhouse. nice house great location. 1 queen bed, 3 double beds, convertible bed and a crib.
$250 refundable deposit. Total price $614 with $110 cleaning fee and 12% tax. $122 per person if 5 of us come.

Please reply with your preference as soon as possible :) Thanks!


PS. Jenny if you want to put up a poll for the houses on the side bar I wouldn't mind. I have NO idea how to do that :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Travel Plans

Hi Girls,
I was just looking at flights for Girls weekend has anyone else looked into it? I think I would want to book soon, the prices are starting to vary for some of the flights and I would like to get it while it is still low. I guess it might just be Jenny and I flying in, maybe you other ladies Amy and Katie are close enough to drive. Anyway just wondering what you all are thinking as it gets closer.